Preparation: 15 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for 4 servings

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To toast the seeds, heat a pan, not necessarily non-stick, without adding oil. Fill the bottom of the pan with the sunflower seeds and toast them, stirring continuously, until you can smell them, without letting them burn or produce smoke. Then pour them onto a plate and leave them to cool. Pour the sesame seeds into the hot pan and stir. Since they are very small, it just takes 30 seconds in the hot pan for them to toast. Leave these to cool on a plate as well.

Pour the salad into a bowl. Cut the apple into small cubes. Add the toasted seeds. Squeeze the lemon. Salt the salad and then dress it with lemon juice, vinegar and finally olive oil. Why must the condiments be added in this order? Because salt dissolves more easily in ‘water’ and therefore also in lemon juice and vinegar, but this does not apply to olive oil. Serve the salad with a smile!

Sissy's suggestion:

Toast a large quantity of seeds in advance and store them in a well-sealed glass container away from light, perhaps next to olive oil and vinegar, so that they are always at hand. They are also a perfect accompaniment to blanched vegetables.

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