Preparation: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Ingredients for approx. 15 biscuits

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Wash the apples and, without peeling them, cut them into cubes. Heat the coconut oil in a frying pan and brown the apple cubes for 8 minutes, stirring continuously. The apples should be slightly caramelised, but not burnt. Then leave them to cool.

Meanwhile, grind the cloves in a mortar and mix them with the hazelnuts. Also add the oat flakes, but do not grind them too finely. Pour all the dry ingredients into a large bowl and mix well.

Finely chop the apples as well, then add the remaining ingredients to the bowl and blend well. If the dough is difficult to knead, 50 ml of water can be added. Lay a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray. Preheat the oven to 160 °C in fan mode. With moistened hands, take portions of the dough and shape them into spheres, then flatten them between your hands to form small discs. Place the biscuits on the baking tray. Put them in the preheated oven on the second shelf from the bottom and bake for 18 minutes. When the underside of the biscuits is slightly browned, it means they are ready. Since they can easily break when hot, wait until they have cooled and serve them with a big smile.

Sissy’s suggestion:

These biscuits are perfect for enjoying as a snack. To reduce preparation time, fresh apples can be replaced with apple puree.

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