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Three dozen apple varieties for all tastes.

Sweet or sour? Both - and everything in between: we grow over 36 organic apple varieties. Enough to put a smile on everyone’s face. And a smile on yours very soon! From Granny Smith to Bonita, find your favourite among the old and new apple varieties.

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There are more than 30,000 apple varieties in the world - each one tastes special, looks different, has a different storage capacity, also shelf-life, and loves a certain climate. That's why universities and nurseries all over the world are looking for new apple varieties.


What we organic farmers find exciting are tasty, durable and scab-resistant apple varieties that fit into the South Tyrolean climate. We selected Natyra®, Bonita and Giga® according to these characteristics. We don't follow trends, instead we cultivate our heritage: in our meadows old apple varieties still take root. Our ancestors already knew them well in the 19th century: Granny Smith and Golden Delicious for example.  

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Royal Gala

Crunchy bite with a sweet flavour and low acidity.

Golden Delicious

Sweet, aromatic, juicy and firm bite.

Granny Smith

Fresh and juicy. Our most acidic variety.


Juicy with a sweet and sour flavour.


Our sweetest apple with juicy, firm flesh.


Pleasantly acidic. A classic among the pest resistant varieties.


Sweet and sour with a tangy flavour.

Red Delicious

Sweet and aromatic with a juicy bite.

WA 38 / Cosmic Crisp™

Every crisp bite starts with unseen juiciness, followed by the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.

CIVM49 / RedPop™

Dark red and sweet with a crispy bite.

Ipador / Giga™

Blessed with a fruity bouquet and a sweet-sour and firm bite that will only get better with time.

Cripps Pink / Pink Lady™

Fruity with a high sugar content with distinctive pink-red skin. Just as the name suggests.

Nicoter / Kanzi™

Crunchy, juicy with an even sugar-acidity balance.

Roho 3615 / Evelina™

Sweet and sour with an aromatic flavour and juicy flesh.

Scifresh / Jazz™

A flavour mix of sweetness and a little acidic ‒ and very crunchy.

Gold Rush

Juicy, crunchy and delicate combination of sweetness and acidity. More than just a Golden Delicious with freckles: This apple stands out with its delicate flavour, which develops in storage.

SQ 159 / Natyra™

Sweet and sour and very aromatic, crunchy and juicy. Difficult to cultivate, a sensation on the lips. Highly storable.

Story™ Inored

Very sweet with hardly any acidity, crunchy and juicy. This apple loves the mild climate of the South Tyrol, which provides the ideal conditions for it to develop its deep red colour. Highly storable.


Sour, fresh and juicy with a strong, nutty flavour. Formerly the main variety cultivated in the GDR, this apple’s firm texture earned it the nickname “Stone of the East”.


Slightly acidic, juicy and crunchy bite. Combines the beauty and acidity of its parents: Cripps Pink meets Topaz.

Organic Apple Juice - Biosüdtirol

100% pure apple enjoyment. 0% added sugar.

No mumbo jumbo or hocus pocus, just four simple ingredients. Three apple varieties - sweet Fuji, aromatic Pinova and subtly acidic Braeburn – and ascorbic acid as an antioxidant.

  • 100% organic apples from our meadows
  • Naturally cloudy, no added sugar
  • 3 litres in a bag in a box (cardboard)
  • Once opened, consume within 1 month, can be stored at room temperature

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