Apple country South Tyrol.

South Tyrol is Europe’s wellness zone for apples. Ever since the 19th century, our forefathers have been establishing apple orchards from 200 m to 1,000 m above sea level. A broad range of apple varieties find the perfect conditions in South Tyrol, thanks to the different altitudes in the valley and on the hills and the various individual climates generated in these spots due to their geographic location. A myriad of microclimates amongst the hills and mountains. Today, every other apple harvested in Italy and one in ten apples harvested in Europe come from South Tyrol.

Organic Soil Fertility - Biosüdtirol
Plus: One in ten apples from South Tyrol is grown under certified organic conditions.

Together with South Tyrol’s climate the small scale of our farms is our greatest asset: our family farms have an average of 3.4 hectares, an area smaller than five football pitches. Since we don’t go for high volume harvests, our work only pays off financially when apple quality is just right. We care for each tree with our own hands throughout the year, from apple blossom to harvest. Every meadow has its own name - our ancestors made sure of that. And every day we put our time and brainpower into each orchard. We know how many fruits an apple tree can take and when it becomes too much. You can see this in the good shelf-life of the apples and in the taste with every delicious bite.

We are proud that our brand Biosüdtirol combines two kindred spirits and three strong words that nature has shown belong together: organic and South Tyrol.

Organic Apple from South Tyrol, Europe - Biosüdtirol