Organic Apple Production in South Tyrol - Biosüdtirol

Organic, South Tyrol and us.

200 organic farmers, with only organic in mind. A land known as apple paradise. And one story that brings what is meant to be, together. Organic and South Tyrol. Get to know us.

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Team - Biosüdtirol

Motivated from the top of our heads to our fingertips.

200 farming families and 80 specialist employees are all involved in our cooperative. And of course our harvest workers, who support us in the most intense periods. They’re our harvest heroes!

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Organic Apple Production - Biosüdtirol

Organic means life. Not just in the dictionary.

Some say organic production means taking a holistic approach to keeping our natural world in balance. We say: yes, but organic farming is more than that. Organic farming is an attitude.

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Apple Production in South Tyrol - Biosüdtirol

A health farm for apples.

300 days of sunshine every year. A mild climate. Clear water. Clean air. Nutrient-rich soil. Throughout Europe, only the South Tyrol provides apples with such perfect growing conditions.

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History - Biosüdtirol

When headstrong people have crazy ideas.

When a South Tyrolean farmer gets an idea stuck in his head, he won’t budge. Not one inch. And the result? Well, Biosüdtirol organic and sustainable apple production, of course.

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