Organic is a big issue in Scandinavia, Dans and Sweds are the ones that enjoy organic products like no others in Europe. This proofs the latest retail sales statistic where Denmark is leading the table in Europe with 13.3% of organic share in the total retail sales and Sweden is the second country with 9.1%.

The Nordic Organic Food Fair is the top event in Scandinavia for those who are looking to source the best in organic food and drink. This years edition is taking place from the 13th to the 14th November in Malmö and we are looking forward to welcome you at our booth (G81C) and talk about:

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Bonita - the new variety for Scandinavia

Together with you we taste a new apple variety: Bonita. Slightly acidic, juicy and crunchy bite. The apple variety combines the beauty and acidity of Cripps Pink and Topaz.

Color: Fiery red, with orange and cream-colored touches.

Aroma: Kiwi, moss and almond.

Taste: Lemon sorbet, hazelnut, prickly pear, lemongrass.

Structure: Flattened ends; velvety peel; cream-colored pulp.

We are in Malmö for you.

Write us a mail and meet us: Werner - Director & Sales, Karl - Senior Sales and Michael - Communication.